Autopilot for paramotor

I found the coolest thing on youtube, an autopilot for paramotor….in terms of maintaining set altitude. I have had something likes this on my mind for quite some time and i was happy to find and get building ideas online.

I usually go for long cross country flights and often my throttle hand gets worked out after flying for long time, the idea with this autopilot is that you attach your throttle handle with magnets to the autopilot and then the throttle lever is controlled by a servo pretty simple and great solution if you ask me. The autopilot is based on arduino and uses an lcd, pot slider, pushbutton, some led´s and there is also the possibility to have vario function with a buzzer.

Rene and Roger on youtube are the ones that i have found that has built this autopilot and i emailed Rene´and kindly asked if he could share the Arduino code and  a few hours later i had the code in my email, isen´t tha great!!!
My plan is to start building my own in the next couple of weeks and also post my version of the code here together with complete component list and also make videos on youtube about it.

But for now check out Roger and Rene´s autopilots!!!!, I cant w8 to get my own  🙂

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