Gear 360 overheat problem

gear-360-overheatI bought my Gear 360 camera in hope to capture the whole flight such as preparing, flight, landing, packing up and that involves long time for the camera to be switched on and recording. I usually fly for around 1 hour and maybe 15 minutes for preparations and 15 minutes for packing up the gear and leaving the field.

The camera in 4k dual lense configuration should be able to shoot video for 4 hours and 30 minutes according to the camera display…..but here comes the bad part!!, i have never and then i mean never been able to shoot with the camera for longer than 45 minutes and the problem is always that it shuts down due to overheating. Between 15-45 minutes is what to expect from this camera and that sucks, how can Samsung sell a camera that cant stay on as long as the customers wants it to?, to me it is a unfinished product that Samsung has on the market!!

I have been trying to have the battery hatch open and also flying in lower temperatures down to 0 deg celsius but that doesn’t help either, my next plan is to have it powered by an external batter as i think that the battery might generate most of the heating that causes the camera to shut down.

Also i found this video on youtube showing a solution so maybe i will try this….bu still it sucks big time as i have spent money on a product that doesn’t work properly!!

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