Paramotor timelapse

I recently bought myself an Gopro Hero 4 Silver and i have been using it mostly in my chase camera for the purpose of taking still images and movies but today i decide to test out the video timelapse function.

I set the video size to 4k and the interval to 1 sec and i hit record and took to the skies. I haven´t quite decide how i like the result yet…sure it is different but it is also werry “yerky” i think, but still pretty cool and my 45 minute flight was only 1 minute 40 seconds on the Gopro as a complete and finished timelapse (not sure if the time is correct).

This is the nice thing with the gopro that i get my timelapse finished right on the memory card wich saves me time as i dont have to do any moore post processing other that edit the video.
Check it out!

And in this video i have stabilized some parts with warp stabilizer in Adobe premiere to get the hyperlapze effect but i need to get the chasecam moore stable for better  result and then it will feel like floating through the scenery. Also the timer on this video is set to 0,5 sec interval and also 4k timelapse video.

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