Yello effect on Gopro caused by vibrations from paramotor

Iram-mount-grab´m trying to get a multiple camera setup going on my paramotor trike and have been trying out different mounting options, one thing to deal with is vibrations that causes yello effect or rolling shutter which is the correct term in the movie from the gopro cameras.
I have a background from drones and in the beginning before gimbals and all the fancy drones that are available these days it was incredible important to limit all vibrations from reaching the camera and flight controller to get good result.

I started out with the camera hard mounted to the frame to see how it worked out and as expectedgopro hard mount the yello is very much present in the footage, one thing to do is to use an ND filter to slow down the cameras shutter speed but as i usually fly my trike when the sun is low and not so bright so then the shutter speed is already low in the gopro so i don´t think that it will do much difference and also the real problem with vibrations i still not fixed.


vibration-isolatorI looked through my stack of old drone stuff and i found a vibration isolating plate that i decided to mount the camera on, the rubber mounts on it are a bit soft and i need to stiffen it up with some foam inserts in between the cf plates as the weight of the camera causes the whole ting to “wobble”






So this is the mount in all its glory with the gopro attached with a low mount and the waterproof housing (also upgraded the camera to Hero 3), and i managed to get rid of the yello in that i was present in previous footage, i just need to sort out the “wobble” issue and the it should be all good i hope!






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